February 10, 2013

Gone but not forgotten

I didn’t get a whole lot done on Friday but what I did do was useful. I cleaned off all the hard adhesive residue left from when the old tiles were removed, something that’s very important in order for the new ones to bed down nice and level with the tiles that surround them. I’ll also have to use one of the tile samples that I bought in some time ago, from a factory at Millau, which is quite a bit thicker than all of the others that I’ll be using, so I got out my angle grinder, put on my mask, went outside and just ground away at it until it was down to the required thickness.

Saturday morning dawned dull but dry, but shortly after I’d taken Toddie out it began to lightly slow. I had visions of deja vu and more time about to be lost, so decided to jump in the car and drive to Brico Depot in Perigueux to buy another bag of concrete (I already have one) for filling the hole on my living room floor and a couple of bags of adhesive for the new floor tiles. By the time I left it was snowing pretty hard but nothing was settling and as I drove down into Plazac it almost stopped. However, on the way to and from Perigueux the snow became quite heavy so it became pretty obvious that I wouldn’t get any more real work done that day. I didn’t mind too much though, as I wanted to watch the Rugby Six Nations, anyway 😉

There was a bit of snow left lying here and there this morning but it soon cleared away and it began to rain. As I was dead set on not missing the England-Ireland match this afternoon, I knew I had to press on regardless if I wanted to get the hole in my lounge floor concreted in today so I would have the opportunity of making more progress tomorrow. I’ll not say that the rain was relentless but it hardly stopped all day and I got pretty wet mixing up and walking buckets of concrete into my living room through the back door. I thought that two bags of ready-to-use concrete might be a bit tight to finish the job off and decided to stretch them a bit by adding some extra sand and cement. The extra fines would also help me to get a reasonable surface finish as well. And it was lucky I did, because even with the added sand, I only just had enough concrete to finish the job. See below for how it came out.



So at last the hole in my living room floor is gone, but I’ll not forget it in a hurry. It was a total pain in the back-side. As well as falling into it a couple of times and well-nigh breaking my ankle, it also collected all the muck and dirt going and was just a horrible unhygienic pit. How anyone could have lived with it I do not know, even using it as an open hearth, and I can’t believe that it existed for all the years that it did. So I’ll not miss it, as I won’t the ruddy rain that’s now dripping non-stop down the chimney into sundry tin cans and other containers that I’ve had to lay out to collect it. Rain, rain, go-away for goodness sake 😡