August 5, 2007

Oh Dear……..

Over a month has come and gone since the last post, so what’s been going on? The answer is, “Very little!” in the Trike department. Ken has long since recuperated from his little op so that hasn’t been the problem. No, we have to look elsewhere for what’s been holding us back.

The first thing has undoubtedly been the weather. By now the whole World probably knows about the deluge of biblical proportions that struck the UK during what was supposed to have been the early part of our Summer. Miles and miles of the North and West of the country under water, homes, farms and businesses flooded and Lord knows what else. Thankfully we were not affected half so badly in the South-East but we still had day after day of unremitting rain. So that’s the main reason.

But there’s something else. For the last couple of years I’ve been developing and running a small family-owned business for a client who in that time has also become a good friend. At the end of June the family decided that they wanted to pull out of the business and divest the company. So I acquired it off them.

This was a totally unforeseen possibility when I first had the idea of getting the Trike and, of course, it has totally thrown my plans into confusion. Obviously the business had to become my first priority and that’s what has happened. For now anyway.

The Summer months are the ‘quiet’ time for this particular business but (I’m glad to say!) that has not been quite the case this year. So as well as having to make the necessary changes to financially integrate the company into my existing business and get it ready for the Autumn, I’ve also been quite busy just running it.

I guess with the weather being so poor, I didn’t mind this too much because even when the sun has emerged it has been far too windy for microlighting. However, as I type this we have blazing sun and a clear blue sky and potentially the hottest day of the year to look forward to. Still a bit breezy though as the sun warms everything up.

So does this mean we’ll be able to get back on track again? Hmmmm…… maybe, maybe not. Ken now has one or two business trips coming up. Did I say a few? In fact from Tuesday week he’ll be in and out of the UK more or less non-stop until the end of October. And me, I’ll still be concentrating on the business of course. We had a chat the other day and the conclusion we came to is that as a result of all this, this year may end up being a wash-out in both senses of the word.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see. If my business settles down as I hope it will, I’d still like to get some microlighting under my belt this year if I can. In the last few years we’ve had some glorious long Autumns in here in the UK and perhaps that will happen again this year. If it doesn’t, then probably no chance.

And pity all the poor devils who run microlighting and flying schools!