December 12, 2007

Doesn’t Time Fly

Hmmmm…. bad pun not intended, because while time has been flying, we certainly haven’t. As expected, Ken was indeed out of the country for most of the Autumn, up to the end of October. And I was also busy, as expected, with my business. An exciting time for me, but a dead loss as far as Our Trike was concerned.

During the whole of this time it has remained untouched, in the workshop at Ken’s place. I have one of the original wheel spat brackets that was made, somewhat badly, from rather lightweight aluminium. I was going to get two more fabricated from something a bit stronger, but still haven’t done so. I did manage to get hold of a CHT/RPM gauge to replace the original that didn’t work when we connected it up and tested it when we last ran the engine, but it is still un-fitted.

Obviously with Christmas now coming up we need to reformulate our plans in a big way. Nothing will happen now until after the New Year – except we must make sure that the battery, which was fitted new by the previous owner just before we bought the trike, is checked and charged up. But I’ll let you into a little secret. Ken has been making noises about really wanting something that has an enclosed cabin with side-by-side seating and has even suggested disposing of the trike and getting hold of something like the Thruster, shown below.

The one shown above is the T600N, with a nose wheel. I prefer the version with a tail wheel, theT600T, like the next pic, except with a fully enclosed cabin.

Have to say that I quite like the idea. Having held a ‘normal’ Group A (as it then was) light aircraft licence, flying this type of aircraft certainly appeals. However, they’re a bit more expensive to buy than a trike and although there are quite a few open models, there doesn’t seem to be too many tail-draggers around with enclosed cabins. And there still remains the question of what to do with Our Trike. Common sense says we get it airworthy first if we are going to sell it, so the work we’ve started will have to be completed by the Spring.

Ahhh…… problems, problems, so many problems ….. 🙂