February 6, 2009

Snow place like home

Darling buds be blowed….

Can’t let this go by without making a note of it. The day after the ‘Darling Buds’ post the snow began to fall. I went for an evening out with friends on Saturday and when I left home it had already been snowing for a short time. It’s not often we get enough snow here in South-East England to trouble us too much, but on the way, I found that the roads were already becoming a bit tricky. When it was time to return home, we had a covering of something like 4 or 5 inches and driving home at about 11.30pm I encountered almost blizzard conditions! My friends didn’t even make it back to their house – a long hill which I took a good run at (overtaking some twerp who was crawling up only to eventually get stuck) proved to be too much for them and they turned back and found somewhere to spend the night.

Next day we had about 9 inches of snow outside our house (we are at the highest point in Kent, so we got a bit more than the surrounding areas) and although there has been a bit of a thaw, we’ve still got a fair bit underfoot with more to come in the next few days, apparently. And everyone probably saw in the news how the snow band moved northwards right up as far as Scotland bringing, I’m ashamed to say as a Brit, virtually the whole country to a standstill – pathetic really 😕

One or two days this week have been superb for flying, albeit a bit cold aloft I would imagine. Skies have been absolutely clear blue with very little wind. Marvellous. But I doubt that very many people have been able to get airborne because with all the snow we’ve had, airfields have been totally snowed in I would think. Must have been, because even the large airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton etc) although open now, were closed for quite long periods.

Looks as though I’m going to have wait for the Spring proper before I’ll be able to think about getting back in the air!