September 22, 2008

Quiet spell

In every sense. We’ve just enjoyed over a week of what must have been the best spell of good weather for the whole of the year so far. Steady high pressure over most of Great Britain has meant clear days, light winds but clear chilly nights. Last night was very cold for the time of year where we are.

But only one problem – when the replacement AX3 had been finished and been given its ‘Ticket’ (Permit to Fly), because the weather was still so poor, Rosie decided to nip off for a holiday. So that has meant no flying for me! I had to watch as the occasional Shadow, Thruster and weight-shift have buzzed by overhead. She’s back tomorrow but true to form, looking out of the window while I type this, it looks as though the calm weather is beginning to break up. 😕

The other worrying thing is this ruddy financial crisis we’re currently all going through. For me, July and August were also quiet months in my business, but then again they usually are, as folks go off for their Summer holidays. There’s been the usual pick-up in September but the jury’s out, and will be until October or even later really, on whether business will get back to anything like normallity. Until then, although I’ll keep my flying with Rosie going, I’ll not risk over-committing myself too much financially especially with the general cost of living (gas, electricity, food 😯 ) being so much on the up.

A somewhat depressing end to a rather below-par Summer really… 🙁

September 1, 2008

Oh dear, here we go again…

Phoned Rosie yesterday and there’s a good chance that the new AX3 will be serviceable later this week. So we pencilled in Thursday or Friday as possibilities for my next session. So I just looked at the 5-Day Forecast for Canterbury (the nearest large town – city actually) and this is what I found.

Canterbury 5-Day Weather Forecast

Can you believe it. Here come the high winds all over again. Take a look at Thursday – sunny intervals, visibility very good but wind at 9 mph gusting 31 from the south-west!

And if that’s not bad enough what about Friday – occasional light rain but wind from the south at 25 mph gusting 46!!

It’s almost unbelievable that we’ve had such consistently bad weather for so long – and apparently there really is no end to the spell in sight. I guess in a few days we can expect to be hit by the remnants of Hurricane Gustav and goodness knows what that’ll have in store for us 😕

At this rate there’s a danger that flying will become an endangered sport in the UK….