Some More Pics

Nothing much happening trike-wise right now. We’re both very busy with other things so the trike has stayed locked away in its garage.

So in the meantime, here are a few more pics taken by its former owner. Sorry about the rather low quality 😉

They give some idea of the excellent condition the wing is in. As it’s been stored away in its bag, even for several years, deterioration should be minimal. The danger for any wing comes from exposure to UV, and that just hasn’t happened with this one.

As you can see, instrumentation is pretty basic – just an airspeed indicator, altimeter, compass and clock, plus cylinder head and exhaust gas temps. It has both pull and electric start – reassuring to know, I’d have thought, if the engine should happen to stop mid-flight. Nice to know that if it should happen, on top of everything else, you wouldn’t have to be frantically yanking on the rope to get the fires alight again!

Let The Blog Begin!

Look, we’re two old friends and we’ve just bought a microlight together. Nothing wrong with that. I saw it on eBay and on 19th April 2007, we trailered it home and locked it up in a barn at Ken’s place. I’m Roger by the way.

OK, so we’re both in our 60s but we still want to have some fun!

One or two of our friends seemed quite surprised when we told them. Yes, we both have zero hours on microlights and will have to get our microlight pilot’s licences. But we both have some previous flying experience so that shouldn’t be too difficult. And yes, the microlight hasn’t been flown for over 10 years, so it’ll have to be made airworthy and be thoroughly checked before being given a Permit to Fly. But we reckon we can do that.

Turned out that quite a few of the people we told about our plans said how interested they were to see how we got on. So then I had a thought. How about starting a blog – then we can take everyone along with us and share all of our experiences and adventures, maybe, along the way. ‘Great idea!’ they said.

So here it is! Welcome to Our Trike.

Our trike’s a Southdown Sailwings Puma Sprint – one of the best and most popular trikes of its time. Built in the UK in 1985, sold to its first owner in 1986 but not flown since 1995. Only 308 airframe hours in total and only 38 hours on its immaculate wing and Robin engine, which were replaced in 1990 and 1991 respectively with only a 30 minute check flight on the new wing in the eight months in between!

It’ll be a lot of fun getting it (and ourselves!) flying and neither of us can wait! If the Summer carries on like the Spring has been here in the South of England – long, clear, warm, calm days, this will be a year to remember.

Oh, by the way, just a little footnote to finish this posting off. Apologies to any of our US cousins who may be reading this. To you they’re ultralights, to us they’re microlights. We’ll be using the British term all the time, but anyone can feel free to use whatever description they prefer in any comments or replies, which we hope to see plenty of.

That’s it for now.