February 16, 2013

Beautiful Spring day!

After a trip to the shop, I spent the rest of yesterday just trimming tiles. My plan was to be ready for today, when I hoped to quickly go outside and use my polishing machine to curve the edges of the ten tiles that will be on the front of the wood-burner platform and then spend the rest of the day tiling. My hope was that I’d then be able to finish off all my tiling tomorrow so I could begin to turn my attention next week to the X-Air. As Wim pointed out when he came over on Thursday, the weather is already quickly improving and it won’t be long before the real flying season starts, so I need to get it ready and also sort out my French licence.

And he was right, because after a frosty start, today has turned into the most gorgeous Spring day that you could imagine! The sky is clear and blue, there’s no wind, visibility is perfect and the temperature has been around 13 degrees C. As a result it was impossible to get started on my plan! Instead, after taking Toddie for a couple of walks over on the field opposite I decided to fit the mudguards that I’ve had for several weeks, to my trailer. And bloomin’ good they look too! And as a bonus, while I was working on them outside, Claire, a neighbour who I’d not met before and was walking past, came and introduced herself. She is a charming lady, French of course, and I was reminded again just how lucky I’ve been to end up with such lovely neighbours. Here are a couple of shots I’ve just taken at 4.45pm, looking eastwards over the field. In the second one on the horizon just in from the right you can see the cement works at Le Lardin that I’ve mentioned before, that is 9 miles away as the crow flies!



But I must get myself back under control tomorrow because time is passing and as Wim said, the weather is now picking up quite rapidly. Next week is forecast to be clear and dry and although there will be the odd chilly night, daytime temperatures will be on a rising trend in the 15 Degrees C bracket. We’re getting into flying weather so I have to get my fireplace work completed so I can get the X-Air and myself prepared for what’s to come 😀