My ICP Savannah MXP 740

Shots of my wonderful ICP Savannah, built 2001 and acquired by me in 2016 with only 360 hours total time.

My French X-Air 56NE

Shots of my French X-Air acquired by me in 2012 with around 400 hours total time. I purchased it after losing G-MYRO, my UK Cyclone AX3, and began flying it in 2013 after refurbishing it and obtaining my French ULM licence. The highlight of my ownership of it was completing a 6-day tour of the west coast of France in it in 2015 from the Landes in the south to the Morbihan in the north along with my good friend Wim flying his single-seat Weedhopper.

My AX3 Weedhopper 28AAD

Shots of my French Weedhopper acquired with no engine or instruments and a collapsed undercarriage and restored by me using the engine, panel and parts from G-MYRO, my old Cyclone AX3.

Cyclone AX3 G-MYRO

Some shots of my old, much loved but sadly now defunct Cyclone AX3. Renovated by me after being acquired in June 2009 without engine and missing many instruments. Restored again to even better condition following an accident caused by a strong side-gust while landing at Linton, Kent. Flown to the Dordogne, France over two days in April 2012 and subsequently damaged beyond economic repair in June 2012 following a failed take off.

Other Cyclone AX3s

Shots of other AX3s that I’ve found on the Internet (authors’ copyright acknowledged). Many have unfortunately been destroyed since the shots were taken and the fleet is becoming steadily smaller.


A few shots of the X-Air that I found for my friend Ken that was unflown for about 2 years after it was acquired and that we then got through its permit and back into the air. Now in Kent and still being flown.

Avions Mignet Balerit

Some shots of the Avions Mignet Balerit ULM No 121, a vintage, unique and quintessentially French aircraft owned by veteran pilot André at Galinat

The original ‘Our Trike’

Some shots of the old flexwing trike that was instrumental in getting this blog started. My friend Ken and I bought it after it had been unflown and unloved for many years. I worked on it for several months and got it more or less back to a permittable state but we then decided that we both wanted to go fixed-wing and sold it on – at a loss. The picture quality’s not good because the shots were taken by the person we bought it off.