July 28, 2012


Regular followers of ‘My Trike’ will by now be thinking that maybe things are not all as they should be in the commune of Plazac, and they would be quite right. Some who are personal friends already know about recent events but for those others who are a bit puzzled by the absence of posts in recent weeks, I’ve now decided to share what has been happening more widely. I’ll deal with things in two stages in this and my next post and then hopefully I’ll be able to get My Trike back on track as the joyful celebration of microlight flying before and during my retirement that it was always intended to be.

Things started to go off track almost immediately after my arrival here when Bob Thompson, who I have mentioned frequently in relation to my move to France, unfortunately showed himself to be not the friend that I hoped he was but instead the person who I suspected he might be. I do not intend to go into this in detail as I think I’m already tarnishing My Trike more than I want to by even mentioning these things, but Mr Thompson has posted so many spiteful and untrue statements about me on his own personal blog, which is the only place he has been allowed to do so despite trying to elsewhere, that I now feel the time is right for some sort of response.

Mr Thompson has an alarming and recurring tendency to ‘fall out’ with people and by his own account, this includes his own close family, including his mother, his sister, his ex-wife, his son, who he has told me he has tried to find all ways possible to avoid supporting financially following his divorce from his mother, and even his wife’s close family too.

In view of his unfortunate track record, I discussed my intended move to France beforehand with family members and close friends and the possible implications that it might have for me. It was suggested that I might possibly be taking a personal risk by moving to a foreign country and relying on such a person for help and support. I however, thought that we had enough in common through our shared interest in microlighting for this not to happen in my case, and that even if it did, it would probably be later on when I’d be pretty well established anyway.

But it turns out that I was wrong and they were right. Without going into the detail, although I would be quite prepared to if Mr Thompson wished to pursue the issue, within 24 hours of my arriving in Plazac, he had an opinion that differed from my own about a matter that only concerned me, that he had precious little information or experience about and that was none of his business anyway. Nevertheless, Mr Thompson, who believes that his own opinion in anything must prevail, thought that this entitled him to behave towards me in a manner that I found to be obnoxious and extremely offensive.

Usually if such a thing should happen between friends, it is unintentional and up to now, it has been my experience that when the friend who has felt offended against has informed the other of their feelings, the latter has apologised and the whole thing has been forgotten. This is because to most mature people, friendship is important and transcends disagreements and differences of opinion. But it seems that this is not so for Mr Thompson. The word ‘apology’ appears not to exist in his vocabulary, possibly because of his service background when ‘to apologise’ may have meant ‘to lose’ or perhaps even ‘to lose face’. He refused point-blank to apologise and I therefore told him that as far as I was concerned, our friendship was at an end.

But this was not to be the end of things for Mr Thompson who I suspect is not used to being kissed-off and dismissed in such an off-hand manner. Clearly this turn of events wrankled with him and with little to otherwise occupy him in his life, having ‘retired’ and departed England on a UK services pension at the age of 45, getting his own back seems to have assumed some sort of importance for him. The perfect opportunity was offered to him on a plate by subsequent events which I’ll deal with in my next post.