February 28, 2013

Tomorrow, definitely X-Air!

I keep telling myself the same thing but something else always crops up that is more urgent. I’ve spent the last two days cleaning right through my house – I had to because although I’ve done a ‘bit of light dusting’ in the meantime, the dust created by my fireplace work was still everywhere that I looked. But it has been worth it. I’ve still got a little bit to do in the kitchen, but the rest of the place now looks clean the way it should, and I’ve got nice shiny polished wooden surfaces again 😀

So although I’ll probably be phoning to register with one of the doctors in Rouffignac so I can get the signed certificate I need for my French licence, I really am going to get cracking on the X-Air work tomorrow as well. We’ve got fantastic weather forecast for several days, dry and sunny and a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius on Monday, so I must take advantage of it as I’ll be able to work uninterrupted outside. This is more like it 😉