December 18, 2009

Ahhh Winter…

Our house is at what I think is the highest point in Kent and yesterday there was a snow warning for our region. Unusual really, because usually the South East doesn’t get much extreme weather but this time the wind is from the east and is bringing with it very cold air from the Continent.

Anyway, it happened and this morning we’ve got about 8 inches (18-20cms) of snow. Toddie, my dog is delighted – we’ve been out in it and he was leaping about like a puppy and he’s 11 next birthday.

The local kids have all got a day off school and they’re out with sledges and snowballs and a neighbour’s nippers who are the loveliest pair of kids you could ever wish to know, came rushing over to play with the dog and threaten me with huge handfuls of the white stuff.

The roads are passable but there’s very little traffic and it’s beautifully quiet – really marvellous with these conditions as although it’s clouding up again now, when we were out earlier there was a break and the sky was blue with bright sunshine.

Later on I expect there will be snowmen all around as the kids were already busy with their constructions and a few giant snowballs that will stay there for days after the main snow has melted.

Marvellous – just the way winter was when we were kids and hopefully always will be. What a joy.

But am I glad that I wasn’t able to get MYRO out of my garage and into all this stuff. Far better for it and its wings to be where they are until the first shoots of Spring and more ‘sympathetic’ weather come along 😉