A good day

I’m tired but it was worth it. My next fortnightly treatment is due on Thursday so I’m at the high point in my cycle, so what better to do, as it wasn’t that hot at around 30 degrees Celsius, to head over to Malbec this afternoon.

My idea was to finish off the outstanding work on the X-Air to make it flyable (and saleable). This didn’t amount to much, just re-routing a couple of ignition cables through a hole in a bracket, re-tightening the bracket in question and cable-tying the cables exiting the stator housing – all-in-all not much more than a few minutes’ work.

And so it proved. Except that when I went to look for them, I found that I’d used up all the cable-ties that I’d had in the car, so for now the job remains unfinished. But not to worry, cable-tying will only take a minute or two and then the X-Air will be flyable. And feeling as well as I did today, if it hadn’t been so hot (and potentially bumpy), I might even have given it a go this afternoon.

But that gave me the opportunity to move across to the Savannah. Wim and I fitted its new nose leg several weeks ago but there remained a couple of things that I wanted to check. Firstly, one of the nose-wheel actuator rods needed to be removed and have one of the two washers that we’d fitted to it from above to below the joint. This I soon did with the help of a handy length of timber that I used to hold the rudder pedal forwards while I detached and replaced the joint.

Then there were the four small bolts that attach the lower nose leg securing plate to the bracket on the airframe. I didn’t think that these had been tightened up enough at the time and this proved to be the case, so I was glad to sort those out as well. Now the nose wheel cowling can be refitted followed by the engine cowling and prop and the Savannah will be back to a condition better than it was in when I acquired it.

So all round, a good day and it was satisfying to be back at Malbec again, messing with and around aircraft, even if I am paying for it a little now 😉