December 31, 2008

Very low key end to the year

So here we are on the last day of 2008. I’m writing this suffering all the discomforts of a flu-like infection but it seems from talking to friends, I’m not alone. Everyone seems to have either recently gone down with something similar, or have someone close who has. So I mustn’t be too self-pitying!

But that’s not the only reason why I feel a bit depressed. After the initial euphoria of my decision to acquire MYRO, sadly┬áI forced myself to have a rethink. I decided that as much as I dearly wanted to have MYRO, I could not allow my heart to rule my head. At this time of credit crunch and with a small business to run that everything depends on, I did not think it wise to go ahead with the purchase just now. And especially bearing in mind that I still don’t yet have my microlight licence and a reasonable amount of expenditure will be needed for that.

So there we are. A sad way to leave 2008 but who knows what 2009 will have in store. Maybe it will still be possible in the Spring. I hope and like to think so, anyway.

On that note may I wish everyone a Happy New Year and express the hope that it will be a safe and peaceful one for you and yours.