February 5, 2013


There’s nothing wrong with mud. It has its place in the order of things, I suppose, and I’m sure it must have lots of uses. But I can’t think of any that might be relevant to me. It’ll take a while before I can lay a proper path along the front of my house and for the life of me, I cannot fathom how previous occupiers managed all the years that they did without one. Until then I’ve got to make do as they obviously did for all that time. Maybe I’m a bit less patient than them, but I can’t see how every time it rains heavily, you can be happy staggering along slipping and sliding in a slop of mud and when you get to the kitchen door, then walking a couple of bootfuls in with you every time, that you then have to clear up.

It has been very wet here but I can’t believe that the same thing doesn’t happen every Winter when it rains. I only have to take the dog out for a couple of minutes and when we come back in, the mud comes with us. It dried up a bit yesterday afternoon but then it began to drizzle again and it must have continued for much of last night. So what have we got again? Yup, mud, loads of it. To say I’m fed up with the stuff is an understatement 😐