July 13, 2009

Going going…

Our Trike sold on Ebay yesterday, for quite a bit less than it has cost us, but I feel as though I have ‘won’ with MYRO and you can’t have it all ways. The buyer was in touch earlier this evening and I’ll phone him tomorrow about arranging the pick up, so the deal will probably be done by the week-end as he lives in Shropshire.

Late this afternoon I nipped out to buy some large black and white cable ties as the ones I already have are a bit thin and short, and I also managed to find a tub of the special gel based paint stripper that you can use on fibreglass. So now I’m all set to make a start on the pod as soon as I get the chance. The feedback I’ve had on this paint stripper is a bit mixed to say the least. Some people have said it doesn’t work very well at all, but I have to give it a try as the normal solvent based stuff definitely cannot be used on fibreglass. I found another spray-on stripper that is fibreglass-safe on the Internet but that’s quite a bit more expensive, so I have to give this one a go first. Anyway, I’ll know in a day or so if it works or not and I’m looking forward now to getting cracking on the pod. If it comes up as well as I expect it will be a major leap forward 😉