July 19, 2009

Mixed day

Our Trike was collected and went off with its new owner today. He’s a very nice chap, Les from Shropshire, and I think he’ll finish what we started and get Our Trike in the air where it belongs. At least I hope so, very much. So that’s good. 🙂

First attempt at doing the work to the coloured gel coat on the bottom of MYRO’s pod was almost an unmitigated total disaster. Temperature was too low today and I should never have started it. Coloured filler on and all round the areas I want to fix and it wouldn’t go off properly. Then when I tried to remove the excess from the existing good surface, that was impossible to do completely and in the process much of the filler that I’d applied came out, especially from the two main cracks that I really wanted to fix. So that’s bad, very bad. 🙁

I’ve now made more work and I’m very annoyed with myself for pressing on when the conditions just weren’t good enough, and really I knew that 😡