July 23, 2009

A step forward

We’ve had awful weather since I last did anything on MYRO and as I have to work outside I’ve been unable to make much progress at all. As it was quiet, I managed to make a start on sorting out the pod problems late yesterday afternoon and by the evening I was more happy. I managed to get rid of all of the excess gel coat filler and get another application done so I was in a much more positive frame of mind when I put the pod back in the garage for the night.

And today I got some more done. I’m finding that the gel coat filler is not sticking to the underlying fibreglass as well as I would like it to. I made and used two mixes today. I was just about to start applying the first one when it began raining out of a clear blue sky! Before I knew it the pod was covered in rain drops so I had to leave the mixed filler and get it under cover a bit smartish. By the time the rain had stopped and I’d managed to get going, the mixed filler had been standing for over 5 minutes, so I lost that amount of work time and the filler began to go hard in the pot before I’d finished. That was annoying enough but the second batch, as I was adding the catalyst, my hand was jogged and I put a bit too much in. So that went off too quickly too.

It also became very hard quite quickly and when I came to rub it down, I found it almost impossible to do so by hand. Fortunately I got hold of a little 180W electric detail sander. I was sceptical to start off with as I thought it would sand very quickly and be through the gel coat in no time. But no! It worked incredibly well and was an excellent way to get the excess filler down to the level of the main coat. Unfortunately, as tends to happen though, I got a bit too confident and while I was sanding the last tricky area (one of the two splits) I didn’t pay enough attention and managed to rub the gel coat next to my repair. I applied some more afterwards and if the weather’s fine I’ll have to see how it looks tomorrow when I get the sander going again.

I have to say that as a result of getting that little sander, I was much more pleased with the appearance of the results of my work than I had been up to then. So that’s good. I feel as though I’ve made another positive step forward 😀