July 12, 2009

Going back together

Slowly but surely 😉

The day started damp as expected but it brightened up and became warmer by mid-morning. There was still an annoying breeze which got quite strong on several occasions during the day but I just had to live with that. My target today was to get all of the white tubing in the fuselage area finished so I could make a start on refitting some of the items I had removed and I’m glad to say that I succeeded in doing that.

I lightly rubbed down the areas where I had applied primer with a very, very fine wet-and-dry paper and wiped them dry as I went. These included the small areas that had been deeply rubbed by the screen and pod and I wish that I’d thought to use white brushing primer rather than grey. Grey is difficult to cover with only a few light spray coats and as I’ve mentioned already, I want to keep the amount of paint I apply to the minimum for weight reasons. It wasn’t critical, though, because of course, the same areas will be covered again in due course by the screen and pod.

I masked the closely adjacent areas with masking tape and set to it. The paint I’m using is spray-on radiator white (yes, the stuff you get for household radiators) because I think that will hold its brightness well. It’s also a very close match to the existing tube colour and has pretty good covering power as it’s supposed to work without primer, although I never believe that 😕

Anyway, I was happy with the results that I achieved and after leaving the paint to harden off a bit in the hot sun, eventually I gave it a light T-Cutting. All a bit too soon, really, but it looked fine when I’d finished. Then I was able to start putting a few bits back on. I started with the seat bases, then the pedals and finally the throttle lever. I connected the brake and rudder cables to the pedals and I was glad that I’d thought to take pictures previously to remind myself how the cables were routed. I also had to decide which throttle lever to use, because I’ve got two. Rosie gave me the one from MZEL which is a standard lever but is a bit thin and flimsy to my mind. The BMAA must think so too because they recommend (insist on?) a modded version for aircraft used for training which is heavier and made from larger diameter tubing. MYRO had it when I last flew it but Rosie moved it into MZEL. Luckily, the one from MYME that I got off Mark at Galaxy was also a training version and that’s the one I decided to fit. It has an end plug missing from the passenger side but that should not be difficult to sort out.

So to finish off, here are a few pics taken at the end of my day’s work.




So things are now beginning to come back together and if the weather holds, it can only get quicker. The reason is that the next job is the pod and once that’s back on things will really start to get a shift on 😀