September 12, 2013

A usefully productive day

Max and Katie left late this morning with their little caravan, having decided to head north via Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne and the Massif Central. It was nice having someone around the house and I’ll miss them, as will Toddie, because Katie spoiled him something rotten and he loved her for it 🙂

After a brief lunch, I decided to get stuck back into 56NE’s new covers. I want to get them finished because the sooner I do, the sooner I can get onto installing my wood burner and stopping the rain coming down my chimney, both essentials for this winter. Wim and Regis dropped in for a coffee yesterday and said they’d give me a hand when I’m ready, so I’d like to get cracking on it as soon as possible before the weather changes for the worse.

I’d finished stitching one wing cover as of a couple of days ago, so this afternoon I started on the second. The new sewing machine needles have turned out to be a real godsend. Whereas I was snapping my original Singer ones every few minutes it seemed, the ‘cheap Chinese’ ones that I bought off Ebay have been working like a charm! Today I managed to stitch the complete second wing cover, which came as a surprise in itself because the first one took much longer to do, but without snapping one needle! OK, the thread snapped a few times but you expect that with heavy work such as this, but I think it didn’t take as long as the first one just because I managed to complete the whole cover without having to keep changing needles!

So tomorrow I’ll be able to insert all of the brass eyelets and hopefully, in the afternoon, go over to Galinat and try them out. I’ll also at the same time be able to measure up for the central over-wing and rear fuselage covers, neither of which should take that long to make with the new method I’m using compared to how I made MYRO’s covers originally, and with those the new covers will be more or less complete. I’d like to make some ‘spat-type’ wheel covers to keep the rain off them and also a new, slightly larger engine cover if I can, although the latter’s not essential if time becomes a problem as the current one covers the engine and exhaust quite adequately.

So all in all, I’m happy with the way things have gone today, and I’m now enjoying the glass of red wine that I’m sipping while enjoying the soothing sounds of Classic FM before having an early night 😉