September 19, 2013

She was all dressed in black

The last time I saw her…

I cut and stitched the last two sections of 56NE’s covers yesterday, for the over-wing centre section and the rear fuselage. I was then waiting for the brass eyelets that I needed to finish them off, to arrive, which they did in the post today. It didn’t take long to pop the eyelets in, although the hole cutting tool is getting a bit well-hammered and blunt now, after all of the eyelets I’ve inserted, and after lunch I was straight over to Galinat to see how they fitted. It was a bit overcast today, but you can see the results in the following picture. It’s a bit fuzzy because I didn’t take my camera and I grabbed it off a clip of video that I shot while I was there to make sure my old Canon camcorder was still working OK.


I’m very pleased with the overall results. These covers really are waterproof. After the showers we’ve had since I put the wing covers on (temporarily!), when I arrived today there were puddles of water lying on the surfaces of the wings that were horizontal. That would never have happened with the old covers, and it meant that even though the rain was quite hard at times, 56NE’s wings have remained totally dry. The last two sections that I added today will complete the job, apart from the undercarriage, which I’ll make some covers for later.

Although the covers aren’t perfectly fitted by any means – you can’t really expect them to be, having been made using measurements taken from the aircraft, then drawing outlines of the cover sections by eye in chalk on sections of tarp laid out on my lawn with a bit added all round for turn-over edges, and then just running then round on my old ex-Ebay Singer electric sewing machine – they’re not too bad for all that and will keep the weather out! They’ll certainly keep 56NE dry come rain or snow, until I can eventually put up a T-hangar some time early in the new year. I still have to insert some more eyelets and add some elastic ties in the tips of the wing covers, and add some ties to join the wing covers together, but that won’t take long and I’ll do it when I next take the covers off, hopefully when I fly this week end, if the weather forecast is correct. They’ll work in the meantime and still give 56NE the full protection that they’re intended to do.

I mentioned that while at Galinat today, I’d shot a few video clips to check out my old Canon camcorder, which actually produces higher quality results than my new small one, that I mainly use for recording flying videos. I’ve turned the clips into a short video that has views of Galinat from several different positions, showing that it’s not ‘yer average airfield’. You can see it by clicking on the following pic.

Galinat Airfield

After fitting the covers today, my mind can now turn to the next job, which is installing my wood-burning stove. It’s already doing that with thoughts of my climbing up onto the roof to fit new chimney cap tiles. Rather than get someone in to do it, I’m now determined to do it myself. After all, my friend Wim did his himself, so why shouldn’t I 😉