September 8, 2013

Back in the groove

On Thursday my dear friends Ken (who owns the X-Air that I helped get re-permitted back in early 2011) and Pauline dropped in on their way back to their home in England from Spain. It was lovely to see them and chat under my old lime tree over a meal and a few drinks. We enjoyed a temperature of around 31 or 32 degrees Celsius but apparently they hadn’t been so lucky in Spain, having had to endure almost a week of cold days and nights and torrential rain! It just shows you how fickle the weather gods can be!

After they’d left, Max, a fellow member of, and his lovely girlfriend Katie arrived. They had been in France for a few days and were on their way further south, to Carcassonne and Montpelier, before returning home this coming week. They had what Max referred to, a bit optimistically, as a ‘teardrop’ caravan. In fact it rather resembled an escape pod after it had been detached from the mother ship, but being towed on mini wheels, and as I told him one evening, it was about as big as a medium-size saucepan. However, it somehow accommodated the both of them which I thought was a great testimony to the flexibility of youth, as I think I’d have had problems just climbing into it through the two little side doors 😀

They stayed over for a couple of nights and we had great fun and a lot of laughs together in that time. I was able to show them quite a bit of the local area and although we couldn’t fly, they got a bit of an idea of what it’s like having a microlight down here when I took them to see 56NE at Galinat. The long spell of warm, sunny weather came to an end on Friday and we had lunch under cover at an outdoor cafe with the rain falling outside. They left yesterday morning leaving behind showers and rumbles of thunder, so I hope that the weather will be a bit kinder to them as they drive further south.

Yesterday we had a dull day which was much cooler than recently, with low cloud and showers. However, I was pleased when La Poste arrived and deposited the new sewing machine needles that I’d ordered and my new 5″ satnav, in my post box. As I couldn’t do much else anyway, I adapted the satnav straight away to run my MemoryMap system and was absolutely delighted with the results. In fact, it’s better than my previous 5″ model that has stopped working properly, so at least something positive has come out of having to buy a replacement. The screen of the new one is fractionally (only a millimetre or two) smaller than that of the original but somehow, although the original’s was bright, the new one’s screen is even brighter! That will be a considerable advantage down here when the sun’s at its brightest.

This morning I awoke to steady light-to-medium rain which, at the time of writing – about 12.15 pm – has just stopped. The forecast for the week is for much cooler (down from the low 30 degrees Celsius to the low 20’s), more unsettled weather, although I hope to be able to get some flying in. The winds, although predominantly from a north-westerly direction, are not forecast to be very strong or gusty and the forecast indicates that although possibly staying a bit cloudy, some of the next few days will remain dry. But even so, now I’ve got my new sewing machine needles, I’ve got plenty to do finishing off 56NE’s new heavy, waterproof covers. So it looks as though I’ve got a plan for the coming week and I’m right back in the groove again. Time now for another cuppa tea 😉