September 28, 2013

The weather always wins

In the end, despite all of our super-computers, weather models and fancy forecasting tools, the weather always ends up making fools of us all. All of the weather web sites that I use have been forecasting unsettled weather with thunderstorms for Plazac this week-end (Saturday and Sunday) for the whole of this week. In the event, I wasn’t planning to fly, because I flew on Thursday anyway and when I pre-flighted 56NE I found perished carb rubbers that I flew with anyway but have now ordered replacements for from JBM in the States. But Victor was, and had his flights at Cavarc cancelled because of the forecasts.

Well, this morning was a bit grey and overcast, as it has been in recent days, but I’ve just been outside (at 2.30 pm local time) and the weather seems to be laughing at the forecasters, with bright sunshine and an almost cloudless sky. There’s a freshish breeze from the south, but nothing that would stop anyone flying in an ULM, and I can’t really see any sign of the forecast thunderstorms materialising as things are. But then, what do I know – I could easily be wrong, couldn’t I 😆