I’m now becoming more than just frustrated. I’ve established that all I need to do is pass a GST to get microlights added to my lifetime PPL(A), right? So that should be OK, with a couple of hours of revision and consolidation work to get myself set up. Simple. Do that, book a GST.

So I phoned Rosie yesterday evening to crack on with the flying bit and …… she’s been away and has come back with a cold. So she doesn’t feel like flying today. And do you know what? That’ll be another week gone (at least) because this coming week is forecast as being disastrous yet again. More wind and rain.

How much longer have I got to be the owner of an aircraft that I’m having to pay out for to keep in a hangar while I’m perfectly capable of flying it, as I’ve proven in recent weeks, but be unable to do so because of Red Tape. I can now understand why some people just stick two fingers up to the system and do their own thing. Really. 😡