Just back from a 50 minute GST refresher. Needed it too because when you’ve just been more or less flying around building up hours, as I have recently, you tend to neglect many aspects of flying technique. You also tend not to practise the kind of specific exercises that are examined in the GST.

It also didn’t help that it’s been a month since I last flew but taking that into account, things didn’t go too badly. My first steep turn was a bit scruffy but the ones that followed were pretty good. Same with stalling, especially steep into a turn, but they came together after a couple of goes or so. My forced landings were very good though, I’m glad to say, because funnily enough that’s something I’ve not practised a great deal. And my absolute piece-de-resistance was the landing at the end – a glide approach side slipping to lose height and finishing with a gentle greaser.

My conclusions at the end of it all were to constantly be more aware of the required attitude of the aircraft given the throttle position and the manoeuvre that’s intended, to do HASELL checks every time when a manoeuvre has been requested (and refuse to be hurried) and to shout out more that engine checks and lookout are being performed regularly.

Other than that, Rosie is trying to get a GST booked for this coming week and I’ve said when we know which day, let’s get another pre-GST in before if we can, if the weather is kind to us.

So I’m now drinking to that 😉