A few off-topic musings that came to me while I was walking the dog this morning and which I posted about on a forum of which I’m a member.


The roadsides and other green areas of the estate where I live are peppered with cherry trees. I guess when the original planners conceived of the idea they had visions of the glorious display of blossom in the Springtime and they were, of course, quite right. The magnificent spread of white and pink is indeed a joy to behold and especially uplifting to the spirit after a long and dismal Winter such as we had to endure this year.

But there’s one factor that the planners either overlooked or ignored. This year the conditions have been almost perfect, with a damp Spring followed by a glorious hot period that has resulted in a bumper cherry crop. They are almost all of small varieties that you wouldn’t like at twice if they were on sale in a shop but nevertheless this year they are delicious. And nobody ever bothers picking any.

Except for the birds that is. They love them. Even if any human did bother picking any from the lower branches they would still be left with the majority of fruit that is out of reach at the higher levels. And they take good advantage of that. They take great pleasure in devouring this at high speed and beginning their unique process that converts the fruit into a product that varies in colour from deep purple to garish red. This they then promptly deposit over the waiting cars that have been parked by loving owners below them, in waiting for the moment.

They make no distinction – the most expensive Mercedes is treated in exactly the same way as the most rusty old banger, sometimes the Mercedes might even receive two or three pot shots while the old banger might go completely unscathed. But woe betide the owner who, if their beloved motor is on the receiving end, ignores the fact because this stuff is like battery acid and will eat through your paintwork in a trice. How the birds’ backsides stand it I’ll never know. Luckily, I don’t have an expensive Mercedes, only an old Honda Accord, so I don’t have to worry to much when the birds wreak their vengeance on it 😉