After the successes of yesterday, I allowed myself to be carried away by a sort of euphoria that had me convinced that taking to the air in MYRO was just around the corner and today I allowed that to cloud my judgement. I put 200ml of two-stroke oil in a jerry can and on the way to the field, I added 10 litres of unleaded with the idea that when I arrived, I’d try starting and running the engine for the first time.

I shouldn’t have done it because I hadn’t even bothered to check whether the spark plugs that were fitted were the correct ones let alone that they were clean and gapped correctly. All I know is that they were in there when I acquired the engine and I got Bob to torque them in without further ado. Then I gave the engine a few hand turns.

I added the fuel to the tank and was rather disappointed to see how slowly it transferred from the main to the second tank. Mike who sold me the tank said they found it slow when they had it but I have to say that it was slower than I expected. Then I climbed in, turned on the master and switched on the fuel pump. It rattled away but failed to produce any fuel. I was going to call it a day but Bob suggested turning the engine a few times on the starter to see if that might help. So I did and then tried the fuel pump again. This time it did its job – clever Bob. However, I expected to see the pressure comfortably exceed 0.2 bar but it only just made it. Anyway, I set the choke and gave the starter a whirl. After a few turns the engine fired and started but never ran anything like it should have. It was far from smooth and there was no fuel pressure unless I kept the pump on. Not right at all. I managed to get the engine running fairly smoothly at about 3000rpm but I couldn’t get the revs to rise any higher and I still had the fuel problem. I kept it running to see what would happen with the temperatures and then had a major disappointment. Bearing in mind that I’d carefully re-wired MYRO using MYME’s wiring loom and double checked everything along the way, I was really disappointed to see that only one of the two exhaust gas temperature readouts seemed to be working and neither of the cylinder head temperature readouts. What on earth can have happened to cause that. But even worse was to come. When I shut the throttle and switched off the mags, the engine kept running. This was terrible news. Strangely, Chris my GST examiner had asked me how I would shut down an engine that would not stop on the mags and now here I was barely a few days later having to do exactly what he suggested – apply the choke. It worked, but the problem suggests to me that there is something seriously wrong with the magneto earthing, on one cylinder at least anyway.

This is not a good development at all. I’ve already ordered up some new spark plugs but checking the wiring out is not going to be an easy job now that the panel and wiring loom are in place. But I’ll just have to do it.

After this what can only be described as a debacle, unhooking, untangling and reattaching the rudder cables was a doddle and it was good to see MYRO’s ailerons sitting exactly even and feeling just the way I remembered them. But these engine problems are now going to put me back yet again, probably by another two weeks at least. I wonder when I’m ever going to be able to start flying MYRO at this rate.

And before leaving for home I’d wanted to cover MYRO with my new tarpaulin that I’ve had for quite a few days as we’re expecting some rain in the middle of the week. No chance. Because of the wind, if I’d tried to do it alone, it and I too probably would have ended up in the next field, so I wasn’t able to do that either.

I was not in the best of moods when I left for home. Big problems at Linton are becoming a bit too much of a regular occurrence 😡

To finish off, a few more pics that I took today that put me in a slightly better mood – just 😯





2 thoughts on “Back down to earth with a bump

  1. I just don’t know how I could have done that Tony, as I took so much care over my wiring. But it’s not to say that I haven’t of course. What is really annoying is that most of the temp gauges that I checked and double checked on the bench before I installed the panel aren’t working either so as I’ve obviously got to give the whole system a check over (and look at my earthing as well) it’ll probably be quicker although still a lot of work to drop the panel front down so I can hopefully get at everything. I hope it was an air lock. There’s a long tube that goes onto the back of the fuel pressure gauge and that started full of air so that might have something to do with it. Perhaps I should have primed the system in some way first. I’ve ordered some new plugs – £2 each + carriage best offer accepted on 10 NGK BR8ES solid on Ebay. Not bad I thought. I’ll have plenty of spares – should keep me going for a couple of years. But I’m getting a bit fed up with all the problems I’m getting at Linton though 🙁

  2. Roger, One of your mag switches is wired the wrong way round. This will give you bad running (which is what you had)as you are only running on one mag and be unable to stop it (which is what you had). When your inspector comes get him to do a fuel flow check as well, it could have just been an air lock, but it is best to be sure that enough fuel is flowing through the system.

    Keep the faith.

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