January 29, 2015

Wild weather!

We’ve had continuous rain today, not as heavy later on as it was this morning, but just unremitting. When I went out to get more wood ready for this evening, I found that the wind had partially blown off the plastic sheet that I’d placed on the dry new wood that’s still outside in the open but luckily I seem to have caught it before it got very wet. I’d also stood two old corrugated metal sheets from the roof of the old wood store up against the sides of the wood pile to protect them from the rain, and the wind had blown both of those over as well.

Tonight we have winds gusting up to around 40 mph (65 kmh) which are much higher than were forecast, so I hope that the wood cover holds up during the night as they’re not expected to diminish until well into tomorrow morning. I’ve also got water entering my lounge again through the back door, which the wind is blowing the rain against, despite having fitted a weatherboard to it a few weeks ago. It seems that the rain has managed to find a split in the door itself, so there’s nothing much that I can do about it for now until the rain stops and I can dry the door out enough to slap some sealant on it. It seems like an unending battle against the elements just at the moment 😐

The good thing, though, is it’s staying dry in the new wood store and the last little leak in the roof seems to have been sealed. That’s a relief at least.