January 27, 2015

Good afternoon’s work

Things I have learnt since living here, and from bitter experience last year. Firstly, in the winter you make sure that you have good stocks of wood at all times, because if you leave it until you’ve run out, you may find that nobody has any dry stocks to sell you. Secondly, that it’s cut and split into logs that are all ready to burn, because it’s no good having to drag your electric wood saw out to cut logs into usable lengths when it’s pouring with rain, which it always is when you’ve run out.

I phoned M. Dumas, the wood man, yesterday and expected him to deliver another 3 stères of dry oak some time this afternoon, but as I arrived back from a trip to Intermarché at around lunch time, he was already reversing his tractor with a trailer full of 1 metre logs on my front lawn. I was glad when he confirmed that the trailer was ‘basculante’ (tip-up) because I didn’t fancy having to unload it by hand and in no time at all the logs were shot out in a heap in front of my wood store, I’d paid him and he was off to do his next delivery in Plazac.

The weather forecast was dry for this afternoon but for there to be a few days of rain as from tomorrow, so apart from sorting out a waterproof cover for the wood, as I was down to only two or three days worth of usable logs, I then got going cutting and splitting some of the new delivery so I would have wood for my stove when my existing stocks run out. I managed to do about half a stère, so that should mean I’ll have plenty to keep me going until the weather dries up again, probably some time early next week.

While I was in the wood store, horror of horrors, I noticed a small drip of water under where the roof had been leaking the last time, not good news with the current weather forecast. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of water lying on top of the roof, and with the longer evenings that we’re now getting, I thought that there’d be enough time to do a follow-up repair. I spotted some tiny areas where the roofing felt overlap joint seemed to have again lifted a tiny bit, so I had time to get my heat gun out and deal with them. I just hope now that I’ve managed to sort the problem out, but there’s a good chance that I’ll find out over the next few days one way or another.

So all in all, as the title says, a good afternoon’s work. It was a bit of luck spotting the new tiny water leak in the wood store’s roof before the rain arrives because if it’s almost continuous, as the forecast suggests it will be, I’d then have stood no chance of getting the roof dry enough to do a repair. I just hope that when it does start, the inside of the store does remain dry again 😐