January 25, 2015

Here we go again!

We had a lovely bright, sunny today today after a frosty night, so still a bit cold. But what better than a bracing walk in the fresh air. But even better still, how about another sally off-road in the Kia! I had to go into Rouffignac to pick up some cash, as I definitely need to order some more wood this week, so what better time to drive up the trail from Camping du Lac to le Bos de Plazac on my way home.

Although I haven’t walked the top part, Wim has and he thought that it would definitely be drivable in a 4 x 4. So although I originally intended to make sure for myself, I decided to cast fortune to the wind and just give it a go.

In fact, the middle section of the upper part was quite challenging and, I’d have thought, quite steep to ascend on foot. Nevertheless, I made it safely with a little bit of slipping and sliding and you can see how it went in the video I made by clicking on the following image.

Off Roadin' II

It was only a relatively short drive of just eight or nine minutes but it was good fun for all that. Now I’m already thinking about the next one 😉