January 4, 2015

Aw, shucks!

It’s very mild today, but we’ve had more rain this morning on top of what fell during the night. I went out to get my first few buckets of logs to top of my indoor stock for this evening and when I took the empty buckets back to refill, I was utterly dismayed to find water dripping through the wood store roof.

I know what’s happened. It’s managing to find its way in as a result of what’s called capillary action through a section of the overlap joint that I did of the lower two strips of roofing felt. These were the first ones that I put up and when I started the job, the black liquid sealant that I’d bought from Brico Depot was very thin and runny. I’m now thinking that maybe I should have given it more of a stir rather than the shake-up that I did at the time, to mix up any solid material that might have sunk to the bottom and stayed there.

Anyway, I just used it ‘as was’ at the time to make the joint and didn’t think any more about it – until this morning. I did notice, though, that as the job proceeded, the liquid became thicker and thicker, mainly because it was pretty hot at the time and the solvent in it was evaporating away.

But it now looks as though part of that first joint wasn’t up to the job after all. It’s fixable, but all of the water will need to be dried out of it before I do it. Ideally, the best thing would be if I could leave it until the Spring so the roof dries out naturally but if it keeps raining, I’ll have no option but to wait for a dry day and use a blowlamp to dry the joint out before carefully slitting open the affected section of the joint and forcing more sealant into it.

It’s really annoying having to revisit a job that I thought I’d taken quite a lot of trouble and care over at the time. But not enough, evidently 🙁