October 28, 2014

New engine cover

When I made 56NE’s covers last year, I originally intended that its engine cover should be purely temporary, but here we are and it’s been on for over a year. I made a small job list for this week and as well as cutting the grass and some other things, making and fitting a new engine cover was on the top of it. It was such a lovely day today that I fancied the idea of going across to Galinat anyway, not to fly unfortunately, as I’m still getting over a bit of an ear infection. So this morning I got my trusty old Singer sewing machine out again and set to to throw together a new engine cover.

Finding a piece of sheeting that was big enough was my first problem, but I managed to get around that and it didn’t take too long to finish the job as I’ve had a piece of paper with the dimensions and measurements on my desk for months now. Then after a quick lunch, I was off to the airfield to see how it fitted. You can see from the following pictures that it wasn’t too bad.



However, I’d failed to anticipate just how large the measurement is across the engine from the exhaust manifold on one side to the rectifier with its wiring (the wiring that got cut a couple of months ago) on the other and its still a bit short, especially on the rectifier side. However, I can get around that by stitching a couple of flaps on, one on each side, that will be fastened together once the main cover itself has been fitted on the engine. That’ll be easy enough and won’t take more than a few minutes, but for the time being I’ve left it as it is. So that’s one job half ticked off the list 😉