October 6, 2014

Rain interrupted play

Stopped it, really. None had originally been forecast for today but the day never looked as though it was going to do very much. First I had to get a few things in Montignac, including some nails for fixing the new wood store’s wall boarding, but I should have put my brain into gear before dashing off because it ended up being not the only time I had to visit Les Briconautes today.

After a quick early lunch, the first thing I did was remove the sheets that I bought from Leroy Merlin on Saturday for covering the roof, from the roof where I’d placed them to keep the rain off over Saturday night and Sunday. However, immediately I did so it began to lightly rain again, so I replaced them immediately. I decided that although I’d not be able to do any work on the roof itself if it continued raining, at least I’d be able to cut and fit the frame horizontal side bars and other parts, working under the cover to stay dry.

I did the three bars on the left hand side and then realised that I was running out of my ‘general purpose’ screws. I thought that despite the inconvenience due to my stupidity in not checking what else I needed when I went to Les Briconautes this morning, I might as well go back again straightaway as there would then still be enough time left this afternoon to get a bit more done. However, I was wrong on that because by the time I got back, it was raining hard and steadily, as the following pics show, especially the first of the two.



So that was that and now that the weather forecast for the week has been revised, it looks as though it will be difficult, though not impossible if I can work around the showers, to get as much done this week as I would have liked. It won’t be too bad if I get enough dry spells for me to get the roof on because it will then be easy enough to nail the wall boarding on even if I have to do it in the rain. So it looks as though I’ll have to wait and see how it actually turns out. It’s annoying but I’ve been very lucky really that the good weather should have lasted this long as looking back, although we were still getting some nice days, by this time last year the weather was becoming much more unsettled than it is now and we’d also had a few stormy nights and days. I just need it to keep holding for a little while longer 😉