March 30, 2010

Thwarted by the weather – again!

I’ve just checked the Met Office 5-day weather report for Linton and the following is what I found.

Easter Weather!

Rain, rain, high winds and more rain. I’ve also checked the Easter weekend forecast on one of my favourite weather sites ( and they say, ‘The main question we’re being asked now is will the weather improve for Easter. We’re afraid to report that it is looking unlikely as we’re expecting another Atlantic low to move in by Good Friday, bringing further heavy rain, showers and strong winds with it, and further snow is likely over northern hills. This low then looks set to spend Easter over our shores, keeping the unsettled theme going.

So it looks as though my plan to trailer MYRO down to Lynton and maybe even get the wings back on over the long weekend has already been prematurely dashed. I’m really disappointed as I’d hoped so much that this would be the weekend when I’d see MYRO at last move out of my garage, ready for the final push. But it looks as though it is not to be. I suppose I should be used to it my now but I’d very much hoped that this would be something of a special weekend. Oh well… 🙁

Not only that, but it looks as though microlight flyers over the length and breadth of the UK will have to sit it out for the whole of the weekend too. Bet there’ll be a few scowling faces by next Tuesday when most people return to work 😡

There is still a small glimmer of hope, though. Metcheck are suggesting that we in the South-East will be less badly affected by the incoming lows than other parts of the country and that we could get sunshine and dry weather on Easter Sunday and Monday. So I’ll have to monitor the situation closely, but as I will have to borrow both Rosie’s trailer and my stepson’s car (with tow-bar), it will become more tricky to arrange the shorter the notice that I can give 😕