March 2, 2010

Latest bits

I advertised a short time ago for a set of outdoor covers for MYRO and although I wasn’t offered a full set, I did end up buying an engine cover, which arrived yesterday. I’m very pleased with it – it’s an original Cyclone one with a Cyclone badge on it, tailored to fit over the whole engine, carbs, gearbox and exhaust and incorporating blade covers for the original two-blade prop. It looks as though it will be very weather-proof. I’ll be fitting the three-blade Arplast prop and I think that the tailored blade covers should fit over two of the Arplast’s blades. If that is the case, I’ll have to think about having a separate cover made up for the third blade. It will be worth it because I’ve been advised that the Arplast is an excellent prop but with brittle blades, so as the blades on mine are in very good condition, they are worth protecting 🙂

The engine cover came with a second tank kit which I also bought off the same seller. This also looks to be in pretty good condition. Unlike MYRO’s original tank though, it’s rather black in colour and before I fit it, I’ll see if there’s anything inside it causing this that I can deal with. The tank is attached to the back of the left hand seat by webbing straps in a similar way to the original one. Unfortunately two are missing but I’ve already sourced suitable replacements from Ebay.

The other thing is that although there is an official Mod for fitting the second tank, I have no paperwork or ‘provenance’ for it. However, because ‘it is what it is’, I do not think this will be a problem and that it will be ultimately approved by inspection 😉

Having the twin tanks will be very useful. When carrying a passenger, it will not be possible to fill both up to the brim without exceeding the maximum permitted weight. However, when flying alone it will be possible to fill both up to give a total endurance of something between three and four hours. This will make MYRO much more capable of completing longer cross-country flights without stopping. Rather slow, yes, but without stopping, which will suit me I think. It will make it possible, for example, to fly to the Isle of Wight safely in one hop from Linton, so I will be able to look forward to joining the rest of the guys when they do the trip, as Bob has already mentioned.

Now all I need is for the weather to make a change for the better as I don’t want to be paying for my space at Linton for too long without being able to use it, do I 😕