March 10, 2010

6 months

I took the dog out this morning and came back freezing as the chill wind has a really cutting edge to it. I then got to thinking and realised that MYRO has been standing in my garage for 6 months now, just standing and doing nothing. And in fact not only have I done nothing at all to it in that whole time, I’ve also hardly even opened the garage door 🙁

When I think that it took less than 4 months to complete all the work I’ve done on it, this is a really frustrating situation. The reason, of course, is the old enemy – the weather. We didn’t really have that good a Summer, did we, so I think I did pretty well to get as much done on MYRO as I did. But to think that another 6 months have since vanished without trace is a bit shocking. First we had that awful stormy, wet spell in November (remember the tragedy of Cockermouth in Cumbria?) and since December we’ve had almost non-stop bitterly cold weather. That’s nearly a quarter of the year. I can’t remember a Winter that seems to have gone on for so long – and we are officially in Spring now too 😯

I’d like to get MYRO moved down to Linton but there’s no point until I’ve done the few remaining jobs that need to be done before it goes. These are to add little aluminium brackets to the bottoms of the door tubes to add stiffness and prevent the plastics flexing, drill 4 small holes in each of the door plastics for the hinge bolts to go through when the doors are fully opened and secure the end of the throttle cable to the fuselage tube inside the cabin. I might as well install the second tank as well as it’ll be easier and more convenient to do it at home rather than in the open on the airfield. And finally, the day before I move MYRO, I’ll also need to fit the tail plane assembly and the prop.

I think I’ll have to make a start this week end no matter how cold it is, and the forecast says it will be too. And there’s also a chance of some wintery showers to add to the overall delight, so that will be nice. But unless I do start to get things moving, the danger is that I’ll be looking back in a few weeks time and still saying the same things.

Oh, and don’t forget, I also need to fly and get my GST done by the end of May. Hey ho…. 😕