Wim and I got back today from our marathon flight up the west coast of France. We planned to go for five days but extended it to six when we were persuaded at one of the ULM clubs that we stopped at to stay the night and attend the ‘fête soirée’ that they had planned for that evening. We had the most amazing time and met the most marvellous, friendly people wherever we stopped, whether just for a fuel stop or to overnight in our tents.

I took over 240 photos and some video and I’ll be sharing those and the inevitable stories that we gathered during our adventure on My Trike over the coming days. I returned earlier from a super dinner with Wim and Sophie, which really hit the spot after eating tinned stuff heated on our single gas burner for the last several evenings but for now, early though it still is, I’m off to bed as I’m comprehensively knackered! A la prochaine!