I was intending to cut my grass this afternoon but in the event, it was such a fabulous day that I skived off and went for a flight instead. The temperature peaked at 30 degrees Celsius, or probably a bit more, so flying in the heat of the day wouldn’t have been much fun due to turbs, but I left it until the early evening when the worst of the heat was over. I left home around 5.00 pm and my car temperature gauge was still showing 29 degrees, so it was still warm enough for just shorts and tee shirt, and the sky was a wall-to-wall deep blue.

I’d planned a flight down to Lalinde to the south-west, towards Bergerac, and my original idea once there had been to call up Bergerac Approach for a radio check. However, as I did a check with Jean-Christophe at Milhac on Saturday, I thought that instead I’d just enjoy the flight and take a few photographs. Here’s the route that I had planned – I’ve modified it slightly to include a practise approach that I made on the way back to Victor’s new airfield at Chateau Malbec.


I ended up taking off at 6.10 pm and the flight lasted for 55 minutes. I took some fairly good photographs along the way that I’ll put up tomorrow probably, and also a video of the whole flight using my little sports cam that I’ll edit later on.

One of the things that I was pleased about was that my new toggle and loop arrangement for the fuel filler flap worked pretty well. In fact the top loop popped off during the flight, but that’s something that I can soon fix by shortening it a bit. All in all, it was a really great early evening flight 🙂