Yes, because I was all fired up to get a flight in today, the weather did it again. After the forecast said that today would be similar to yesterday ie bright, bit of cloud but sky mainly clear, the weather had the last word and did completely the opposite. More again of that dismal low grey cloud and no chance at all of getting up because of the low cloud base. How come the Met people can get it so wrong and in such a short timespan? In fact, I went down to Linton anticipating the promised sunny spells later in the afternoon, but after I decided to give up, I actually left for home in light drizzle 🙁

The only bit of good news today is that Tim, the BMAA Inspector who did MYRO for me will be free next Sunday, so the X-Air can be inspected then. To be on the safe side, because the Fuel Pressure and Water Temperature gauges are shown as being mandatory in the X-Air TADS/HADS and must therefore be in and working when the inspection is carried out, today I ordered new gauges and a new water temperature sender. So they will all have to be fitted by next Saturday and Ken will also be bringing all the paperwork round to me tomorrow so I can check that all the Mandatory Mods have been done and all the paperwork is in order. So a bit of work to do, but well worth it if the X-Air zips through as I hope it will 😉