My new PC power supply arrived today. Fantastic service by Amazon Prime to get it delivered within 24 hours – I’m very impressed. I’ve even watched several ‘free’ Prime videos when I’ve been at a loose end on the odd evening and have no regrets about becoming becoming a Prime member earlier this year.

I carefully installed the power supply in my PC and powered it up briefly with the disk drives disconnected. Nothing was amiss so I finished connecting all of the cables, put it back in place in my ‘computer corner’ and fully powered it up with all of its peripherals connected. To my great relief everything is working perfectly and as an added bonus, my machine is now running almost silently. Clearly it had been getting ready to go wrong for some time as before the old power supply failed it was very noisy.

I also got sick of messing around trying to get my old printers, a Canon MP530 and an Epson SX438W, both of which I brought with me from England, to produce perfect results. In its day, and it was at least 12-15 years old, the Canon was state-of-the-art and produced perfect photo prints. However, I’ve since gone through three print heads and even with new cartridges it was impossible to get a proper colour balance.

Yet another print head plus more cartridges would have been throwing more good money after bad so the other day I stole myself and dropped it off at the d├ęchetterie with a tear in my eye. I shall also probably end up doing the same with my little Epson. I bought it just before I came to France so it’s just over 7 years old. It was a low cost printer at the time and it has done sterling service and is still OK for ‘general’ mono and colour printing.

However, it too cannot produce high quality photo prints, which I like to do as an extension of my aerial photographic exploits. So I splashed some cash and ordered myself another new Canon, a brand that I know and trust.

The model was a Pixma TS8150 and I expected it to be delivered on Monday as yesterday was a holiday here in France. However, to my great surprise, when I returned from a quick shopping trip I found that the delivery man had left it together with the new power supply outside my back door.

So kudos to him as it would have been a pain in the backside having to slope off to the nearest ‘relais’ point to pick them both up. Having got my computer back working again, I’ve now unpacked the Canon and it’s waiting beside me as I type this to be plugged in and tested. I’m rarin’ to go with it and I’ll let you know what the verdict is when I’ve given it a good test run.

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