Wow, I can hardly believe it. France Telecom, or possibly even M. Macron himself, must have contacts in very high places. I went to bed last night feeling quite confident that I was getting on top of the issues and problems that had been plaguing me for so long – like the Kia, my ride-on mower belt, my leaky plumbing fittings, stuff like that – and somewhat self-satisfied that I’d discovered that I could get 4G on my new mobile phone here in my house.

But it wasn’t to last – not even through the next day. I’d just got up this morning and was enjoying watching a video on Youtube about a group in a DC3 crossing the Atlantic to join this year’s 75th D-Day anniversary celebrations when there was a small explosion followed by a smell of burning and my computer went dead. I later established that it was down to my computer power supply blowing up.

In all my years of being involved with computers, and that involves a period looking after hardware and software for clients, I’ve never known a power supply behave in this way. I’ve got another on order that will be arriving from Amazon, who offer a reasonable price but the quickest guaranteed delivery, on Saturday and in the meantime have configured my backup PC for use up until then.

Fortunately, although it’s spec is now pretty old, it always comes to my rescue when I need it so I’m glad that I’ve never disposed of it. What I am worried about, though, is what my main PC’s power supply self-destructing so violently might have done to my hard disk or even its motherboard. I won’t know until the new power supply arrives so there’s no point speculating, but I’ll be devastated if I’ve lost emails, photographs and videos yet again, the way I did last time when my hard drive failed.

And even more annoying is that when the power supply exploded, it took out the fuse in the main fuse box and after I’d replaced it, the power socket was up and running again straight away. However, when I tested the unit after I’d removed it from the computer it blew the system again. This time, however, all the fuses are intact so it looks as though somehow it’s managed to take out the socket itself and that might be much more difficult to sort out.

And not only that, but in my hour of need while I was desperately trying to find and purchase a new power supply on the internet, my new-found 4G data connection disappeared – in fact my phone’s data connection kept appearing and disappearing as though it had a mind of its own. That’s why I think the French infrastructure gods might be punishing me for calling their system down her ‘flaky’. I’ve learnt my lesson now and I’ll hesitate before doing it again, that’s for sure 🙁

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