I spent yesterday evening printing off a huge stack of photographs on my new Canon Pixma TS8150 that I’ve had waiting while making up my mind whether or not to buy a new printer. So many, in fact, that I used up three of the cartridges that Canon supplied with it. Here’s a shot of the printer in question.


Everyone knows by now that even though they are really cheap, it’s a massive false economy to buy an inkjet printer with only two cartridges – black and colour. The reason is that you use the colours (basically cyan, magenta and yellow) in very different ratios and when you replace a ‘colour’ cartridge because one of them has run out, there will always be quite large quantities of the other two remaining. And when you throw the ’empty’ cartridge away, because of that it’s also not good for the environment.

My old Canon MP530 had five colour cartridges, cyan, magenta, yellow, black and a large volume black for printing mono documents. As I mentioned in my previous post, in it’s day it produced magnificent colour photo prints that I was exceedingly happy with, but as it got older, it began to fail to do so until finally it was impossible.

Things have moved on since then. Not only can my new Canon print in higher definition (I chose the TS8150 because it offered a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi compared to 2400 x 1200 dpi for the next model down for only a modest increase in price – the next model up prints 4800 x 2400 dpi but I didn’t think that I really needed that) but it also comes with a six ink system. The additional one is ‘photo blue’ but please don’t ask me what it does compared to the normal cyan.

What I can say is that the only word to describe the results is stunning. The prints that I did last night are as good as the best A4 colour prints that I’ve ever seen. Evidently the printer ‘processes’ the images before printing so even shots that are dull and/or lacking in contrast come out beautifully. Images are sharp and colours vivid and vibrant and although this may not be to the taste of ‘professional’ photographers who like to control every aspect of their work up to and including printing, for what I do, the results are exactly what I’m looking for.

The new Canon prints shots taken on my little Nikon Coolpix camera and my new phone especially well and as it also connects wirelessly, so you only have a power cable running to it, other computers in the network, such as my laptop and even my phone and tablet, can also print directly to it. It has other features that I’ve not yet bothered to explore and probably don’t need, but so far I’m mightily impressed with it.

Unlike my old Canon that I just chucked away and still had unused cartridges for that I am now unable to use, my old Epson printer is still functioning and will be OK for general use until I’ve used up as many of the cartridges as possible that I still have for it. But until then I’ll be using my new Canon for ‘quality’ work and especially for shots that I’ve taken from the air.

So taken all round, yesterday was a rather satisfying day. Not only did I get my PC back unharmed after a spectacular explosion in its power supply but I also got my new Canon TS8150 printer up and running. But that wasn’t all. Without any form of fanfare or notification, after a full two weeks, my home phone and internet also came back. I’m hoping that that will be the end of all of the problems that I’ve suffered with it, but only time will tell. In the meantime, back to my printing 😉

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