A small van just arrived at the top of my land and a gent got out wearing a fluorescent jacket. He took a quizzical look at the point where the trench carrying the empty ‘gaine’ (plastic tube) for the electrical supply ends, then marched up the road to where Enedis’s ‘coffre’ stands, marched back, got back into his van and parked there after first taking a quick detour around Labattut, presumably to make sure that he was in the right place.

Then he re-emerged and measured the distance from the ‘coffre’ to the point on my land where the empty ‘gaine’ ends, got back into his van and drove it back onto the top of my land. There wasn’t much that I could do so I just left him to do his job and take his measurements. Afterwards he turned around and drove off.

Does this mean that I’m close to getting my electrical supply connected? I doubt it. Closer perhaps, but if his firm (Bouyges Energies) has been contracted by SDE24 to extend the cable down to my land I’d surmise that first they will have to submit a ‘devis’ which SDE24 will have to accept and notify them of their decision and they will then have to programme the work, all of which from my experience could take several more weeks.

I live in a constant state of hope but I never raise my hopes as experience has shown that it’s not worth it 🙁

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