I was talking to someone yesterday about leaving for France and how I will be getting MYRO there came up in the conversation. They assumed, as one or two others have previously, that I’ll be trailering MYRO over. Well, I have to say that the thought never even entered my head and I intend to fly MYRO the whole way down! In fact I planned the route some weeks ago, even before I found my new house in Plazac, and that’s still the way I intend to get there.

I think it’ll be the flight of a lifetime and certainly one that I’ll remember for a long, long time. The only dicky bit will be the Channel crossing – I’ve done it several times before in our Cherokee but never in a microlight and certainly nothing as slow as MYRO. I’ll be over the water for around half an hour, but that’s nothing like what Dave Sykes did during his recent flight from the UK to Australia, and so long as you are confident that your engine is in good shape, the challenge is really all in the mind. I’ll need good weather, of course, and preferably a following wind from the north, which would help the whole way down. The two tanks will also help as if the weather and wind are favourable, I should only need to stop and refuel a couple of times. But anyway, we’ll see nearer the time.

I planned the route in Skydemon but as I only used the trial version, I was unable to save the route into my GPS. It’s excellent software and I’ll buy it before I plan the route all again for real. I saved the route I planned originally as a gpx file and loaded it into Google Earth. I then ‘flew’ the whole route at about 1700ft and if the real thing is anything like the ‘simulation’ in Google Earth, it will be an amazing experience. I’ll put the route up here on my blog at some time so you can see for yourself.

But until then I must get back to work. I’ve got so much to do and as my head is in France already, it’s getting harder and harder to apply myself 😕

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