I found a supplier in the UK for the Mikuni repair kits at a third of the price being demanded by the UK Rotax agent, only £14.98 each compared to £45. I think the latter price is scandalous and a total rip-off. I will in future try to avoid buying anything off them if I possibly can. The link to the other supplier is shown below.

ZipNorth Mikuni Service Kit

The kits arrived a day after I ordered them and they look to be of very good quality. They also contain the parts needed to refurb the little internal one-way valves so I have high hopes that they will solve my fuel problems.

And this morning I received my package from America. On reading the paperwork that came with the starter switch service kit, I notice that it would have been quite simple to have opened the switch up and cleaned its internal contacts before fitting it. I think if I had done, I would have avoided my mag earthing problems, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’ll know for the future. I still think I’ll follow the service instructions and replace the switch’s internal contacts though, because that will make it good for another 2000 hours or so. Bearing in mind that MYRO has done about 1500 hours and the switch has been standing for almost two years, it’s no wonder really that it should need servicing, which the Bulletin advises should be every 2000 hours.

So as I’ve got my main and nose wheel in the car whose tyres need replacing, which I’ll get done shortly, I feel as though I’m getting back into some kind of shape again. The weather forecast looks good so with a fair wind, I should get all these jobs done by the week-end and hopefully then MYRO should be completely sorted. I hope that’s the case because I’ve been feeling a bit down this week with these and other problems I have right now, and I need something to perk me back up a bit 😐