Sunday morning update – it was a dead loss looking for the lost spring in the dark yesterday evening so, so as not to be disappointed, I found a little spring in my odds-and-ends tin that I might be able to use instead. Before starting my search this morning, I modified it slightly to make it more suitable and it looked as though if necessary, it would work OK. I’d turned out half of the conservatory before finding the lost one on the dog’s bed, so either that’s where it flew to last night, or he found it during the night and placed it somewhere safe where I would find it this morning 🙂

Lucky I’ve got a sense of humour.

I also found a little grub screw in the tin and after shortening it this morning, it fitted perfectly. So I’m just off to replace the punctured tube in the main wheel that I brought home with me yesterday and hopefully I’ll report back later, at the end of the day to say that now everything is working as it should.

Surely that’s not too much to ask? 😕