Today was the big day. I had an early night and felt much more refreshed this morning than I did yesterday. Rosie and I did a quick 40 minutes before the GST proper and apart from getting caught out on approach when returning to the field and having to go around (mind you, we did try cutting in very early from the downwind leg as an experiment and there was just too much lift around to get down), my flying was much better and tidier today than yesterday.

My Examiner Chris Childs flew in in a Quantum flexwing from Stoke and perish the thought that I’d ever mention that he got caught too by the same bit of lift for the same reason and also had to go around, so I won’t 😉 After a brief but thorough briefing off we went in MZEL.


For me it was 1 hour 30 minutes of pure fun. Chris was great company and I really enjoyed myself. Learnt a lot too – shows how useful it is having sessions with different instructors. Chris used to own and train in an AX3 and knows what it can do. As a result he demanded 60 degree 2g turns that made your bum press hard into your seat and his extreme attitudes were – well – extreme! I won’t make any assumptions about my flying but all I can say is that after a very thorough session, I was told that I’d passed 🙂

Thanks to Rosie my instructor for preparing me for it, many thanks to Joan Walsh of Saxon Microlights in Essex for finding the change in the rules that allowed me to take my GST earlier than I might have previously expected and thanks to Chris again for taking me through the GST in such a professional yet enjoyable way.

So that’s that milestone reached. I’m tired but happy after the most demanding just over two hours of flying that I’ve had in a day, for a very long time. Now I can focus my attention fully on MYRO and getting it finished, permitted and flyable, because then I’ll be able to fly as much as I want, whenever I want. That’s what the freedom of microlight flying is all about. You just need a bank account that can stretch as far as you need it to 😀

2 thoughts on “Done and dusted

  1. Thanks very much Tony 🙂

    I am a bit relieved because my flying was very untidy the day before but what matters is how you perform on the day, isn’t it. If you bump into Chris tell him that I really did enjoy flying with him on the Test. He is a hard task-master but with a light touch and I thoroughly enjoyed being pushed a little. I had never seen the AX3 being put into such extreme attitudes and it was very satisfying and confidence building to see how it coped when you did the right things to get it back again.

    So now I can just focus on getting MYRO sorted and permitted. Hopefully I’ll break the back of that this coming week-end. Look forward to seeing you soon in Stoke, Tony.


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