I phoned Rosie today. My GST is booked for Thursday at 3.00pm. I have to say that I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to get hotter over the rest of the week so there’s a possibility that it could get a little thermic by that time of the afternoon. That’s OK – I’m pretty much used to that now as I’ve mentioned on several occasions. But it will make accurate flying a bit more, let’s say, challenging 😀

I said that I’d like to get another pre-GST session in before then so that’s been arranged for either Wednesday morning or afternoon, depending on my circumstances at the time. Rosie said that she thought the morning would be better but I think I prefer the afternoon because then the conditions are likely to be more like what I might expect the same time the following day.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting ever closer – I just hope it isn’t attached to the front of an oncoming train 😆

3 thoughts on “Dare I say it?

  1. Thanks very much for that Tony, I really appreciate it. I’m feeling a bit down after last week-end which started on a high but ended up as a bit of a bummer as I mentioned in the posting before this one. But if I can at least get my GST out of the way I’ll feel as though I’ve made some progress again. Rosie can’t get the Examiner she usually does because of illness I think she said, so apparently I’m getting someone from Stoke! Don’t know if it will be Chris because she didn’t say and I didn’t ask. But it doesn’t matter who it is really, does it. After all the heaving and humping on Sunday I was as stiff as anything yesterday. I felt as though I’d been riding a horse – one of the penalties of extreme exercise in old age 😉

    Anyway, I don’t feel so bad today so with another pre-GST under my belt tomorrow I hope I’ll be in good form for Thursday. But it won’t do any harm if you could keep your fingers crossed for me anyway, though 🙂

    Cheers for now,


    PS I’ve been so busy lately although I’ve been following your progress on Essex Flyer (with great envy I might add :grin:) I’ve not had a chance to do much by way of posting comments. Nice to see HS parked up at Le Touq

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