Every now and again something or someone touches us and reminds us only too well of our own mortality. Such a person was Damian, a long term contributor to a forum of which I am a member. Damian passed away on Friday 8th July after a long battle with leukaemia. He would have been 44 years old on the 17th of this month.

It is rare that we come across someone in our lives who seems to have a knack of seeing the best in everyone and finding a way to get on well with them. Such a person was Damian. He was also blessed with a rare and keen artistic talent. All of us on the forum, where Damian went by the name ‘Windrunner’, only know each other across the distance of the Internet but we all regarded him as a true friend and will miss him greatly. The words posted there by Tom Constantine perfectly put my thoughts into words and I reproduce them below.

Damian was a good soul and an important part of the Old Hangar. I will miss him. I am sad for us in losing a friend, but happy for Damian. His suffering is over and he has attained his reward.

Today’s lesson is: Live now, don’t wait. You never know when you will be done, only that it will be too soon.

Rest in peace, Windrunner!

Rest in peace Damian.

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  1. Like you, I never met Damian in person. I wish I had, but not having heard his voice or seen his smile doesn’t make the loss and sense of sadness I feel any easier to bear.

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