After a tense few hours, not having heard from the agent I phoned their office this morning to check how things were and make sure they knew that I really didn’t want to lose this house a second time! They said that nothing had been heard back just yet from the seller but that they would follow up the messages that they left yesterday. A short time later my phone rang ………. and I received the brilliant news that my offer had been officially accepted and the house is mine! I can hardly believe it 😀

I’m now thinking of dashing off to France this week-end using my previously booked Eurotunnel tickets. The agent said that there need be no huge hurry because it will take several days for the Compromis de Vente to be drawn up and signed by me and the vendor before the 7 day period of grace starts, but as the weather is ‘iffy’ in the Dordogne and there’s a chance of more snow there next week (although not in the forecast I’ve seen), I think I’d like to get back there as soon as possible to get everything absolutely clear and straight in my own mind. After all, don’t forget that I’ve only seen the outside of the house twice and the inside only once 😕

In the meantime, here are a couple of pics showing the house’s location. I mentioned that it’s not far from the medieval village of Plazac in an earlier post and the next shot taken from Flashearth (better quality than Google Earth) shows exactly where it is in relation.


The point of the ‘Plazac’ arrow is more or less right on La Marjolaine so you can see that I can be there for a drink with Bob and friends in just a few minutes 😉

The next shot is a close-up of the location.


The house to the south is not too close and is permanently occupied by neighbours. The one(s) to the west that are closer are apparently second home(s) and therefore only occupied a few times during the year at most, and as they are behind a strip of trees anyway, they do not impact on the house’s privacy. I’m not sure about the larger place to the north with the swimming pool, but it isn’t close enough to be of any concern really.

So that’s it! All bar completing my sale and exchanging the money to complete the purchase, that is. I can hardly believe that I’m very soon to begin the rest of my life in a way that I could only have dreamed about just a few months ago 🙂

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  1. Thanks guys, I can’t wait for it all to happen now. My head is in France already, if you know what I mean 🙂

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