May 12, 2013


In the end, I decided against disturbing my neighbours with my lawnmower on Wednesday and Thursday, the two holidays, and as we all celebrated Victor’s birthday on Friday morning with coffee and chocolate cake – Many Happy Returns Victor! – I didn’t get around to mowing my grass until yesterday. My original intention was to do the back and leave the front until today, but as the forecast was for showers today, I decided to press on and do the lot. I’d finished but then noticed that I’d forgotten a small strip of rough ground along the front of my house and, unwisely as it turned out, thought I’d just trim off some long grass on a stony patch. In doing so, I was a bit careless and clobbered the mower blade on a lump of rock that was half-in and half-out of the ground. Now the end of the blade is badly bent and although I’ll try bending it back into some sort of shape when I get around to removing it, I think I’ll probably end up having to buy a new one. Stupid – and totally unnecessary 🙁

Changing the subject, I’m amazed by how long the awful weather is going on for. We’re expecting a high of 22 degrees Celsius on Tuesday but it’ll be back as low as 11 degrees again on Thursday! And as well as the low temperatures, we’ll also be getting rain on and off throughout most of the week. There was no flying yet again this past week-end, just because of the weather. I have to say, I didn’t expect this at all. I’d thought that with the exception of two or three Winter months, we’d be getting a lot more nice, flyable days down here, and certainly many more than we have done. Wim has only managed to fly his aircraft on a very small number of days in recent weeks and the X-Air, which I’ve had since last September still looks no closer to coming out from under its covers now than when I first unloaded it off the trailer and put it in my back garden. Here we are half-way through May and I’ve not even managed a single flight towards getting my French licence, when at the time I first discussed it with the Instructor at Castillonnes, we said we’d leave it until the New Year and try to knock it off in January! Surely something has to give soon 😐